"I feel caution should be used with the concept of powerlessness. When I entered treatment I was battered and bruised. I did not have hope so I drank. I did not have confidence so I drank. I lived with a man for ten years who told me with his words and fist that I was nothing. It took every nerve in my body to make the move to get into recovery. (For those who have been in an abusive relationship will know how hard it is to leave an abuser.) I was nothing. When I decided to seek help it wasn't for me but for my kids. I felt empowered for the first time in a long time. I will never submit or be powerless again. I can never go back there in my mind. I am not powerless over alcohol, I used it to survive. I am ashamed of some actions but not who I have become. Powerlessness is not healthy for the battered and should be used with caution. I have been clean and sober for eight years now. I hope this can help someone know they are not alone. Thanks." JMO - K.H.