"Looking back I can see that part of the reason why I continued to drink despite negative consequences in my life was because of the predictability it brought me. I did not like what I was doing to myself but at least I knew what to expect. To quit drinking would bring me into a world I was unfamiliar with. This scared me and I wondered how I would handle things in life if I did not drink. There was a time I could not even imagine seeing myself doing anything social without a drink. A good tool I learned in recovery was to visualize myself doing things without drinking. Twice a day I would take five minutes and picture myself going out without drinking. I would see myself sober in my activities. It is amazing that at first just visualizing in this way made me anxious. I kept doing this until the thought of not drinking became normal. I learned the key is acknowledging change in my head first." Good luck! - J.P.

- For change to occur, first open up the possibilities in your mind and then you can act on them.