A Special Respect

"I have never used recreational drugs and I do not drink. Perhaps people would say that I have missed out on something. However, more often than not, I find myself wishing that more people could experience the complete tranquility that comes from simply not possessing the desire. For those who have had a different journey, including these things, and choose now to put that behind them, a special respect is due. It probably takes more courage and effort to stop than never to have started. I would not be surprised if people in this group of “new start” living have deep insights to share. Accordingly, I say to them, “bravo” to you for taking charge of your life story again and choosing fresh new beginnings over a dependency that is unwanted. Thank you as well to the creators of this fine website. The beautiful photographs are as real as any despair – it’s all a question of what one chooses to see in life – and then what to do about it." - E.