An Emotion Analogy

I have learned not to put too much stock in each passing emotion I have. When I was using drugs, I either did not allow myself to feel or I would over dramatize every little whiff of a feeling that would come my way. Through recovery, I have now learned to go with the flow more and in the process take myself a little less serious. Whenever I feel my emotions are getting the best of me I like to remember the analogy below. Enjoy!" - Lee

Emotions are like a fart.
1) They are embarrassing to have in public.
2) They are temporary and will come and go.
3) Sometimes one will sneak out when you least suspect.
4) It is rude to blame them on others.
5) Some people are a little more liberal with them than others.
6) The more you hold them in the more they will hurt.
7) Sometimes it is best to just let 'em rip.
8) If not handled right, they can distance you from others.
9) They are unique to the individual but recognized by all.
10) The best place to share them is with friends.