"Willingness is about movement (or action), not about a feeling. I believe one of the major hurdles to recovery is that people often expect they should feel like quitting before they actually do quit. I don't believe this is accurate. Many I have met in the rooms have not necessarily felt like quitting alcohol or drugs but because of some current life realities understood that it was best they try. It is ironic how after years of covering up feelings with alcohol or drugs all of a sudden you should make feelings matter. DONT. Your feelings are all mangled and messed up. Don't trust them right away. Save all that feeling process stuff for later in recovery. There will be times you don't feel like being sober or working on your recovery. This doesn't mean your willingness is gone. Ignore your feelings. You do a lot of things every day that you don't feel like doing. Remember what your life realities are that brought you here. Willingness is about movement. Where do you start? I like what they say about just doing the next best thing in front of you." JMO, thanks. -MH