World View

"Alcohol addiction limits dreams and goals by changing a persons's world view from "all is possible" to "all is not possible except with alcohol". - N



"Don't hide behind the honesty." - M


Write It

"If the stories of life were given twice there would be no reason to write.  But the scroll is still empty and awaiting the ink that will inscribe a warriors tale."

This is dedicated to those who have touched the fires of life...   To those who fall but stand back up. To those who get weak but find new strength.  To those who break but rebuild themselves. To those who lose hope but believe again. This is for those who chance upon the recovery road.  There is a life that awaits you...
Your story matters.  Write it.


Make Dust

"Some people live in quiet desperation waiting for their chance for fame. Others grab the reins, saddle up and make dust in this world." - P


One Chance

"Only the dead remember the one chance they had."

"When in doubt, ask yourself what you would do if you were not afraid. If you are still unsure, go to the cemetery and ask them." - Chuck, heroin, 14 months sober.


A Choice

"Even when bad things happen to us, we have a choice of whether we will let fear define who we are. It is not what happens that carries so much importance, but how we respond." -T.A.W.


Truth And Lies

"If it doesn't make sense, it shouldn't. (Don't make it make sense.)" - Nicki, mom of teen addict

- When someone is actively drinking it is often hard to separate the truths from the lies. Confusion is a big red flag. Possible indicators that they are lying are if you find yourself mentally "filling in the holes" of their stories, reaching to make sense out of things they do, or thinking "huh?" to an explanation they give you.



"Goals don't have to be achieved to be beneficial. Simply having them shapes the mind and heart." - H



"I struggled with change because my drug use made my thinking manic. I could create and destroy worlds in a split second in my head and possibilities came and went so quick that I could never realize the potential they carried." - Ed


Who I Am

"The key to sobriety for myself came when I realized I needed to be more than just an addict in recovery. Being an addict was just one aspect of who I was and not the totality of who I am." - J



"The feet can bring you to where the mind don't want to." - S


Anger And Hope

"To remain angry and not have hope relieves you from the pressures to change or stop using." - H

- In recovery anger at God is not uncommon. God represents hope and hope can be dangerous. To hope means to know there is a better way and realize the mess you made. To hope means to feel the hurt and own the responsibility to change. To hope means to try and in trying you cold fail. Some may find that it is just easier to simply blame God, be angry and continue to justify their alcohol or drug use.



"For me the pain of recovery was not as bad as the memories that came with it." - L



"Up until this point I've lived my life as one who always had to ask for forgiveness. I am now living my life so that I never have to ask for forgiveness." - Dan


Relearning Love

"I had to relearn what love was when he quit drinking. The closeness I felt in the marriage when he was drinking was out of fear that if I didn't pay close attention to him he would take me by surprise." - Diane


Addiction And Faith

Addiction is a selfish pull away from God that says, "I know the answer and I don't trust that there is a better way". Faith is an acknowledgement of fault and a trust in capabilities for something more. 



"Faults we see in others can pinpoint deficits in ourselves that need attention. Life has a way of drawing our awareness to what is most immediate."


Moments Of Make Believe

"The more I used and the further I moved away from what I knew I should do, the more I came to depend on my 'moments of make believe'. I created a world that even I couldn't live in." PL



"The person with the most power is the one who knows they dont have to use it."

"When I was drinking I felt the whole world could see my weaknesses. To compensate for this I hit first and I hit hard to prove my power. I now see that this did nothing but diminish my character in the eyes of others and myself. It made me look week and afraid. I thought I could take one on the chin pretty good, but in reality I was sensitive and scared. I was no better than a school yard bully with a puffed out chest equal to the amount of insecurities inside." - Dave, sober 3 years



"The horror stories told of drinking or drugging, too often, become how we define ourselves. We do not have to forever focus on past pain to earn current freedom." - T


Her Eyes

"Her eyes tried, but could never lie.
She would color them in shadows, but the tears streaked through.
Hiding one eye behind her auburn hair.
Avoiding glances, never allowing us to see her baby blues.
If only she could connect with our gaze, she would have seen a glimmer of hope.
Her eyes dried, she could never cry.
To just chance us a glance we could of bore down our hearts with what little was left.
We would of found more.
Distracting her from her stare, always wondering what she did see behind those quiet eyes.
We will never know.
We kept looking for that sparkle and she would humor us with a squinting smile.
She sees no more.
How I long for her to look away.
To pierce me with her angry eyes once more.
Just a glance.
But they are still.
Her eyes did try, but could never lie."

-Sad Mia, A Mother grieving the loss of her daughter to a drug overdose.


Infantile Thinking

"The man makes the drink, the drink doesn't make the man."

"The idea that I could actually believe that a 4 year old could be responsible for my drinking is absurd. But that is exactly who I blamed for all the stress I was under to justify a weekend binge to my wife. I would then explain away the belligerent behavior because of the alcohol. I shutter at how infantile my thinking was considering all the decisions I made daily as a top executive for a big corporation. Never again will I compromise my thinking that way or blame anything or anyone for my own decisions." - Victor


The Program

"As a recovered addict I found those who were most successful in recovery were those who worked the program into their life not those who worked the program for life." - R


Alcoholism Effect On Family

"I hate and hit so you will tell me 'No'."

...9 year old girl to her alcoholic Mom.



"Helplessness is like arrogance, it only exists if there is an audience for it." - Lance, recovered heroin addict


A Statement

"Every decision I make paints a portrait of who I am. Every choice in every moment is a statement to the world about who I am." - C


Family Motto

"My family motto was, Push down, hush hush, shame shame." - A


Pain Vs. Suffering

"Just because I experience pain does not mean I have to suffer." - L


Empty Eyes

"Ignored dreams are like empty eyes." (19 year old female heroin user.)



"Junkies are suicidals who do not want to die."

... Perspective from a drug using teen fighting for sobriety and a freedom from memories of sexual abuse.