Her Eyes

"Her eyes tried, but could never lie.
She would color them in shadows, but the tears streaked through.
Hiding one eye behind her auburn hair.
Avoiding glances, never allowing us to see her baby blues.
If only she could connect with our gaze, she would have seen a glimmer of hope.
Her eyes dried, she could never cry.
To just chance us a glance we could of bore down our hearts with what little was left.
We would of found more.
Distracting her from her stare, always wondering what she did see behind those quiet eyes.
We will never know.
We kept looking for that sparkle and she would humor us with a squinting smile.
She sees no more.
How I long for her to look away.
To pierce me with her angry eyes once more.
Just a glance.
But they are still.
Her eyes did try, but could never lie."

-Sad Mia, A Mother grieving the loss of her daughter to a drug overdose.