"I was at the treatment center for family night and when I found out my Dad would always be an addict I went home, cried and punched a hole in my wall. I wasn't mad at my Dad. You should never kill hope that a person can change." - J. (age 14)

- The messages we give to the recovering are also heard by their kids.


12 stepping

"Going to meetings and reading the Big Book without 12 stepping is like going to the gym, holding a basketball and not bouncing it." - J


Self Worth

"My self worth became dependent upon wether I lived up to the expectations of others in recovery. I felt if I followed the program exactly I would obtain the happiness and forgiveness I sought." - C

- Change in recovery takes time and doing it right doesn't necessarily translate to an automatic happiness and increased self worth. 


Too Far Gone

"People doubted my son would ever sober up. They told me to let go because he was too far gone. I told him this one day and he laughed and said, 'Mom, too far gone? I'm standing right in front of you.' ....He had a way of simplifying the complicated with his words but, he was right. Don't ever ignore what is right in front of you." - A


The Drink

"The drink relays what the mind holds at bay and the secrets wont say." - S

- For some, the drink becomes the avenue for emotions, thoughts and words that would of been better left where they were. Similar to the Jekyll and Hyde phenomenon.


Because Of You

"When you get sober remember that someday, someone may have seen you do this and because of that, be sobering up themselves." - P



"I finally figured out what I was doing wrong when I prayed. I was using prayer like my drink, as a way to avoid doing what was needed." - K


What Matters

"When you stumble upon that moment of indecision, in that space that exists between sobriety and stoned, here you will figure out if you have found what matters." - E



"Hate is like a false prophet as it can appear to help heal wounds." - J

- Letting go of anger or hate in recovery can help open the heart to true healing.


My Body

"My body spoke what my emotions couldn't. My body brought me what I was afraid to ask for."

"Being a codependent, I had an awful time asking for help. But the more I tried to do it alone, the more my body ached and tired. The irony of it all was that the more I wanted to isolate, the more my body broke down making me even more dependent on others." - W


Just A Bend

"I imagine God did a little smiling every time I thought I had reached the end, and then finding it was just a bend in the road....." - H



"For many years I was bound by memories of childhood abuse and to cope I used drugs. The drugs were the roses on my chain. They pacified any desire to heal. The drugs made me believe I was surviving while distracting me from a deeper reality of self decay. To grow I had to look beyond the enticing nature of the roses (drugs) and start loosening the rusty hold of the chain (my past)." - Melissa


What You Can Handle

"Maybe we got it wrong. Maybe sometimes God does give you more than you can handle."

- "Look, drugs almost killed me, God didn't. But if God just gave me what I thought I could handle then I would still be stoned. If we rise to the expectations and challenges of others, then damn, I hope God always pushes me." - N


Our View

"Our view is often limited by our own struggles. Sometimes we have to look beyond our own pain in order to see the strength and life in others." - M


My Sponsor

"My sponsor taught me how to not drink in life but also how to have a life outside of the drink." - K.


My Conception

"When I got into the program, my conception of God was second or third hand. It was my mom's conception of the church's conception of...... Thank God I found you within! " - Todd


Fresh Start

"There is no fresh start for an addict. We can't ask to be that selfish as we have impacted too many other lives. We can't erase what we have done nor should we. We have but one life and no take-backs. Our task is to accept our state, remember our place and stand now for another. Could there be any other way to live?" - T



Happiness doesn't mean the absence of problems.

- One goal of recovery is learning to live within uncertain outcomes and feelings and knowing you will be ok.


Life Story

"As an addict, doing my life story was difficult. I had to figure out how much was actually my life and how much was just story." - D

- Don't over think it. Just start writing. Your life story will work itself out.


The Irony

"If I quit on my son now then I teach him to do the same. I will find a way to him. However, the irony of loving an addict is knowing that you may have to step back right at the point they will appear to need you the most. I can do this knowing that the drugs may own his body but his heart belongs to me." - C

- Never underestimate a mothers love.



Fear is the great debater of possibilities.

"There is no change without action. The longer I hung out in my head, the more complicated the great debate of possibilities became and the more prone I was to relapsing. Knowing what to do and 'talking the talk' only got me so far. I had to utilize the knowledge I learned in recovery. I had to start acting on this knowledge if I ever wanted to overcome my fears and addiction." - Ellen



"It was easy for me to be a pessimist when I was drinking because my glass was always half empty and failure was just an arms reach away." - K
- How you act influences how you think. You want to change your thinking, change what your doing.



"In my recovery group, we had all sunshine and no rain so that lovely little rainbow never showed up." - C

- Denial and minimizing are two rainbow snatchers.


Living In The Moment

"Recovery teaches you to let go of both your expectations and your regrets by living more in the moment." - C


Blindly Follow

"To blindly follow and do what you are told for the sake of avoiding judgement is to perpetuate the disempowering thinking the drinking created in the first place." - H

- It is only you who will have to account for your life in the end.



"As they say, faith without works is dead. Well, it wasn't just God who helped me put the drugs down. It was my family. Thank God they didn't just pray I would get better." - A


An Empty Bottle

"I ran out of liquor one day and found out the truth of what happens when you drink from an empty bottle. You get a wet brain or dried up dreams." - L


My Sponsor

"My sponsor told me he never wanted me to just keep coming back. That if I walked through those doors it was my job to find some kind of meaning in a word someone said or a story someone lived. If all else failed I was to help the one beside me. He was adamant that I never just keep coming back. I had been doing that my whole life. My sponsor taught me that the meaning found inside the group was only valuable if it brought growth outside the group. He taught me to use the group as a training ground for kindness." - D.P.


Darkest Days

"During my darkest days, I'd wish for death but drink for life. It is important to note that when I started my recovery, putting down the drink did not eliminate my wish for death, it increased it. It was imperative that I replace the drink with something that meant more." - B


A Person

"I believe that in life you learn more about a person from how they respond to their difficulties than how they behave when things are easy." - E


A Little Gold Eagle

"Counseling, doctors, therapists and rehabs couldn't do it. What saved me was a little gold eagle charm my sister gave me that I still wear around my neck today. I don't know why, but this simple gesture tugged at my heart. In a note she wrote just these words: If you ever get lost, use these wings to fly your way home." - J

- Never underestimate the power of a simple kindness.