They Have To Want The Help

"They have to want the help is a phrase that is completely ignorant of how helplessness in an addict manifests itself." - C


Married To An Addict

"Being married to an addict, I had to convince myself I really did love her or I would not of been able to put up with all of her awful behavior." - Tony

- When a couple separate, it is often the non addicted person who struggles the most emotionally. The reality of what they have been through hits them and the emotional flood gates open. They are not only dealing with the loss of a relationship but also the reality of all the emotions they had to deny and all the behavior they had to justify to stay in the relationship.


Hidden Bottles

"In my sobriety I began to practice forgiveness and honesty. But it wasn't until I found my hidden bottles and lies that my recovery began."

- The tendency to minimize in recovery is as significant to recognize as when drinking. Initially, there may be a desire to move forward and with the least emotional impact. Truly feeling and acknowledging what you have done and how it has effected yourself and others is key to success in recovery.


A Needle

"The needle caused no pain that I didn't understand. It was the deeper throbbing of emotion that drove me into the depths of hell. A shake the needle could not still. A longing I couldn't inject out of my heart." - a heroin addict


Insanity To Serenity

Let me tell you a story of Alcoholism
my most feared Disease.

It's a sickness within myself
that brought me to my knees.

It came to control my life and
took everything I Loved.

It was a power I couldn't keep away
no matter how much I pushed and shoved.

It led me to believe I was at my best
when in reality I was at my worst.

It caused me to avoid family by
deceiving me to think it should come first.

It was destroying my life and was
causing me nothing but Insanity.

It was then I closed my eyes and
asked for help from God Almighty.

He helped me open up my heart
to release all the pain.

Now He's directing me in my
recovery back to being Sane.




"The farther I look back the more I must depend on imagination to see myself now." - Isabel

- The person you were when drinking could not of ever known who you are now and would of had to have a great imagination to picture who you have become.


Why I Bled

"I looked for pain in others in hopes of gaining an understanding of what the hell I should of been feeling. I tried to mend others wounds in hopes of learning of the reasons why I bled." - K (Heroin, sober 1 year)



"Jabs don't hurt as much if you don't identify with them." - F.

- When you call someone an alcoholic or addict it will carry with it many implications. One of these is a sensitivity to being called an alcoholic or addict.



"When I get stuck with what to do next for a person, I ask God to help me get out of the way. It is then easier for me to see what is needed." - D



"Emotions can tell us there is a gap between where we are and where we know we need to be. Listen to them."



"I was so worried about the flaws of the world that I forgot about my own." - Jacki



"My pattern is to screw up (drink) in order to get motivated again. Obviously I need to find a better motivation." - M

- In recovery, sabotage (relapse) is often the result of old patterns of behavior.


Drinkers World

"A drinkers world is a dreamers world. There are no doers there." - C



R.I.P. My good friend.

"With a stone just above you and toys for you to play,
Heroin stole the best dreams of our childhood days."



Chance Occurance

"Each moment is a chance occurrence in which our lives are forever altered. It is our choice of wether we admire these occurrences or not." - Lynda

- Don't let addiction blind you to the possibilities that the next moment could bring.



"When I saw that her heart was hurting I understood it was because she was still capable of feeling the reality of her life. The drugs had not yet taken her completely." - Mom

- To hurt is to still have hope.


Heart Break - Addiction Pictures

"I am not an addict but I love and try to support someone who is. For me addiction means constant heart break. It hurts to the core of my being watching someone I love destroy themselves with little ability to stop them. It's a process of acceptance about the situation. When I photographed the series I was able to exercise non judgemental compassion and acceptance to those I photographed in a way I still have not been able to do in my personal situation. It was a healing process to explore and release the pain and frustration I felt at my situation." Cheers, Claire

Addiction Pictures 
By Claire Martin 



"Just not drinking is not enough to keep from drinking."



"Distrust was my denial."

"I would go to a party and eat whatever pill was going around, but distrust a doctor's prescription for my anxiety. I would let a friend of a friend of a friend who was stoned drive me around, but distrust the guidance of the treatment center counselors. I would walk downtown to an unknown apartment with unknown characters to score, but distrust the motives of those sitting in the rooms of NA." - Dylan


A Realization

"I was so focused on rehab and recovery that I forgot about my life."

- "This is my second year out of rehab and, after a lot of relapses, I finally realized something great the other day. As I sat there watching my son play soccer for the first time in two years, I realized this is what I want to be doing ...... I want to be a mother again." - Jen


Lack Of Faith

"What are you afraid you might see or have to do if you have faith again?"

"For me, as an addict, lack of faith was a selfish act. Only I mattered. I only had to worry about myself. No responsibilities to others, no expectations or standards to live up to and no judgments from God. To have faith brought fear that I might have to see or do." - Brent



"The fermenting of unresolved pain can set the alcoholic up for a relapse." - Rob


11th Step

"I struggled a lot with the 11th step and whenever I would get too philosophical my sponsor would laugh and tell me to remember that trying to understand God is like trying to stare at the sun." - L



"A codependent needs an alcoholic to drink but an alcoholic does not need a codependent to drink."

- "The hard part of being a codependent is unlike an alcoholic who can give up their liquor, I can't give up people. I have to learn to live with them." - Sonya



"Doing the right thing doesn't always mean you are doing it right. And remember, it doesn't matter what you are doing if you don't do what matters." - Ann

- Don't just go through the motions in recovery. An AA or NA recovery group can move you but eventually you have to be a moving part of the group.


A Bad Marriage

"It's the drunk, not the drink that makes a bad marriage. So just letting go of the drink won't fix the marriage."


Hitting Bottom

"Hitting bottom strips a person down to the soul and may be life's not so subtle way of reminding them that generosity is now gone but forgiveness is available if they ask for it." - Sgt. G

Forgiveness is not some elusive idea but seen everyday in second chances.



"Sitting in AA meetings doesn't make you sober.
Having a kid doesn't make you a father.
Going to church doesn't make you a christian.
Standing in a garage doesn't make you a car."
- Jonathan