Realizing the magnitude of what you have done while drinking or using drugs may take time. The mind has a way of protecting itself through minimizing. You can compare it to dipping your toe in the water. Your mind will test the waters to see how certain memories feel before unloading the heavy ones. Challenging to early in the recovery process can shut the mind down if it is not ready to handle the emotional impact. This could set you up for a relapse.



"When I was in rehab and I started to stir up some trouble with the other residents I realized I was either resisting growth or it was time for me to move on."

- Disruptions, bitching, resisting, poking holes, or overall negative behavior can be ways that people in treatment use to avoid looking at deeper issues or a signal that they have outgrown their current environment or treatment level. Recognize negative behavior as a teaching moment for all involved.



"Like the non-drinker, the drinker has good reasons to back up why they do what they do."

- The reasons someone gives to why they drink can be the reasons used to help them stop drinking.


Instill Hope

"Initially the goal of recovery is to instill hope. Seeing others who are living well and have successfully overcome addiction is imperative to helping the newcomer get through the hopelessness and pain." - Kay


Your Life

"Your brakes aren't bad because you got in a crash, you got in a crash because your brakes were bad." - J

- Your life didn't just start getting bad because of your last drink.



The Illusion

"Drugs gave me the illusion that I was in control but in reality I was reactive to whatever life threw at me. This gave me little freedom as my emotions and behavior were dependent on the choices of others." - Derick



"It was difficult for me to adjust to the ordered world of treatment as my mental clarity seemed to only come when I was in chaos. Drugs made unpredictability my norm and the adrenaline rush of the drug life made the silence of my own thoughts in recovery very unappealing." - Danny


Missing Knowledge

"Everyone likes to believe they are privy to that one piece of missing knowledge about life that others don't know. Listen for it, it will tell you what they are looking for. The alcoholic and drug addict are no different."



"For me, the success and failures I encountered in recovery were directly related to the amount of effort I was willing to give along the way." - Nancy



"Make sure you don't use forgiveness as a tool to avoid a needed conflict. Also, to forgive too quick may let someone off the hook who needs to struggle a bit to learn." - Sandra


Calling Someone Out

"Calling someone out on their drinking may feel good but then what? Being right wont pay for a rehab. Make sure you have a plan you can give them."



"An addict won't cry, the tears come from the man buried underneath the sickness."



"Admitting powerlessness to alcohol is admitting that you got your ass kicked by a bully and nothing more. When it's time to deal with that bully, get yourself a buddy or two to go into that fight." - Sarge



"After treatment, my mistake was thinking that the alcohol was the only reason why things didn't always turn out the way I imagined. Being sober doesn't make the world perfect. I finally stopped relapsing when I understood that the world did not owe me just because I quit drinking." - S



"In treatment, I gravitated to those who relapsed because they never asked me any questions. They were always in a crisis mode and into themselves so I never had to worry about them getting to know me." - Cheryl



"Those that don't understand the power of hope hold on to the idea of miracles".



"I admit that there are times I would enjoy a good dip or a few beers for a buzz. Not because of some inner disease or genetic composition but because it represents a time in my life of freedom and less responsibility. But in the end, no substance could replace the feeling I now get when my son reaches for me and smiles."




"I am hesitant to give recovery a chance as that chance might hurt and it would be without the relief of drugs. I surround myself with bitterness to buffer myself from any unexpected pain. I found if I always hurt than I cannot be blindsided." - T


My Addiction

"It's very subtle how it began.
Addiction is not a very promising life.
Compromise after compromise.
Ending in a place where there is no feeling.
I was devoid of all that I use to be.
My soul hidden.
I was an empty vessel.
Rotting teeth, paled skin and darkened eyes.
A walking dead. "

Antoine - Meth



"It is often what you don't mean to teach that kids remember the most. Just because you are not looking at them doesn't mean they don't see you."

- Kids are suppose to pretend, not adults. Drinking and drugs affect everyone.  


The Real World

"I did everything perfect in treatment and no one cared. They worried more about the people screwing up. Is this what sobriety in the real world is about?" - L

- Early in recovery resentments can keep you sick unless you begin to understand that living in the "real world" is not always as fair as you may have imagined.



"Learning to meditate in recovery gave me new freedoms by tapping into the what ifs of my life. By allowing my mind some time to roam I was able to explore my potentials." - Jamie



"When I hear I can't find my center anymore from people I sponsor I congratulate them on completing step 3." - Isac

- Surrendering involves a shift in self that may feel out of balance at first. This is normal and a good sign growth is occurring.




"I drank again the other day and left the bottles out for my family to see. There was a lot of disappointment and fighting that ensued. I don't know why I continue to sabotage my recovery. It's almost like I need the fight to feel better." - M


Hitting Bottom

"Hitting bottom does not build character it reveals it." - R



"When I am sponsoring others I have to be careful that I don't use my sobriety as the sole measurement of what others must do for success in their recovery." - Mike




"Addiction masks much of the impact that the consequences of your behavior would normally have on you. Likewise it influences how you view your behavior on others." - Evan

- Because addiction denies its negative behavior with justifications, it creates a situation where only the most extreme consequences are felt by the addict.