A Raging Sea

"I stood on a rock cliff above a raging sea and heard life ask me to jump. Not knowing the waves below I demanded more clarity. But the winds were not acknowledging my fears and blew with extreme intent. With rolling thunder from storm clouds approaching the sky lit up with clarity. It was my choice, my move, do I fall or jump?" - James (heroin, 4 months sober)


Amending The Hurts

"It was a real shocker to me once I sobered up that I didn't feel as good as I had imagined I would. The pain I realized I caused my family struck me in a way I was not prepared for. I got through this by understanding that sobriety was the first step to amending the hurts I caused and I couldn't fix everything at once." - Toby



"Being fine is not the absence of drama or emotion. Watch out for complacency as it can deceive you into thinking you are happy." - P



"Relapse is NOT a part of recovery, it is a part of using. Don't confuse the concepts by hiding behind a mistake." - Trish



"How you treat yourself is how you will treat others." - B



"I have walked through many doors in my search for sobriety and I have learned a lot about my addiction. But it was my grandma who taught me I was a person and not a junkie."



"Drinking can keep you in a compromising position and when you sober up you start to realize what you have been compromising." - F



"Life doesn't stop just because you decide to deal with your issues." - Jo

- A misconception in recovery is that others and life are all on board with your newfound insights and successes in sobriety. Most already know what you are now realizing. Often it is the family that struggles and resists change because of distrust, emotional buildup, change in relational patterns and resentments. There is nothing wrong with this, it just should be understood.



"Never use sobriety to fill a void." - W

- Always have a side project, hobby or cause to work on.


Be Anything

"Its not wrong to be anything. When I allow people to be who they are, when I allow the world to be what it is, everythings ok. I feel grateful to be here, however imperfect it may seem (I think its supposed to be that way). I have to stay out of blaming." - Todd



"In recovery I learned you got to make peace with your demon. It's part of who you are." - R.P.


Little Shiny Things

"Heroin took everything. Life was all shadows. The only light was from the little shiny things I used to cut." - Ria


AA Meetings

"I was never sure if AA was for me. I always questioned if I was a real alcoholic or if I just needed the friendship. I'm thinking of returning to a meeting again as my life has become stressful. I am not worried about drinking, I just need to belong and hear hope again. I liked what the meetings said and it made me feel understood. There is a realness and a truth I need to hear again that only comes from acknowledging the struggle." - K.E.



"When I was using I was damaged but not hurt. Hurt comes from caring." - K


My Ego

"Theres nothing wrong with anything... unless I want there to be. And why do I want there to be? Because my ego is afraid of the peace of God" - Todd



"In rehab I did great! Everything was new and represented positive change for the future. It was at home that I struggled because everything reminded me of the past." - NJ



"The unlived life is not worth judging..... unless you are an addict." - Jody



"Success in recovery often boils down to wether or not you give yourself permission to succeed." - J



"Before I started drinking I didn't know a stranger and could make friends in a funeral home. But I lost myself to alcohol and now become very anxious to even be around people."

- Alcohol isolates and can create extreme anxieties. When you stop drinking, socially you may feel very awkward. This is normal. Challenge yourself to engage socially and give yourself some time to regain confidence in social settings.



A Riddle Of Resistance

"The message reflects the messengers needs. The listener listens for what would please." - E


Message Of Doom

"I have seen people beat all kinds of drugs but words of despair will decay even the strongest of motivations. I was told in recovery I had to acknowledge the disease or die. I did neither. Shame on those who promoted a message of doom." - V



"I'm a pro at blinking back tears unless it hits home and I let it flow for awhile under my pillow." (Age 11)



"An old alcoholic once told me that drinking is a passive aggressive way to never have to forgive yourself." - L

- To be passive aggressive you have to hold resentments and to hold resentments you have to withhold forgiveness.


What Matters

"What matters most is how you walk back in to your life not how you walked out."



"The quality of the message in recovery will determine the believability. Fear should not mandate the message or no new thoughts will evolve." - B



Hope And Dreams

"Hope was useless when I was drinking as everything I touched fell apart. It was my dreams that kept me alive as they were in the future and out of reach from my destructive tendencies." - Steve



"Addiction is not only about the dugs but also about holding on to your resentments and choosing to play the victim." - T