Starting Recovery

"You don't have to be sober to start recovery, just like you don't have to be free of sin to go to church."


Spiritual Awakening

"If you have not experienced a spiritual awakening yet, it is not because you lack faith but that you just have not caught up with God yet." - R



"You don't need tears to cry. My mom yells and uses pills." (9 year old girl)


Staying Sober

"Why do I want to stay sober? Because my 5 year old step daughter called me Dad for the first time the other day. Somehow I have earned that right in her head to be called Dad and I will not lose that right." - JW


Decision Making

"After enough trauma do to choices made while using drugs, even the most strong willed end up on their knees. This is not an observation to their lack of character or motivation but a statement to the extreme erosion that drugs play on decision making." - J


Bother Me

"Bother me with any questions or help you need. When I meet God I don't want to carry with me an ordinary life. I want my life to be extraordinary. To earn this I have to give more than I got. Bother me." - Dr. T.

- A true mentor tires seldom in caring and feels an obligation to give even when a demand is outside of their agreed upon responsibility with life.


Aftercare Program

"Not every family is a detriment to their child who abuses alcohol or drugs. Don't victimize us, we are their best aftercare program." - D



"Recovery cannot be effective in isolation it must exist within healthy social interactions and boundaries." - C.


Insane Madness

"My addiction was schizophrenic in nature. The pills muffled the noises in my head but then the silence only intensified my loneliness. This birthed my insane madness."


Reconstructing A Life

"Breaking through the alcohol barrier is not the difficult part of recovery. The real challenge is reconstructing a life and learning how to integrate the pains and horrors of the past." - P



"To pull hope out of a meaningless life is what recovery did for me." - R.


Guardian Angel

"Where the heart skips a beat and in between falling tears is a space in time reserved by a guardian angel."
- An Old Drunk


What I Learned

"How I got sober was I showed up early, listened and asked questions. I surrounded myself with some very smart people. I found that a lot of what I learned from others before and after the meetings helped me be a better member inside the meetings." - Jeff


Highest Potential

"I hereby give myself 100 percent permission to cast aside any and every negative thought or perception that I have picked up or generated and that prevents me from experiencing the beauty of life, myself, and other people. In this way I will fashion myself to get out of the way of my and others highest potential." - Todd



"Don't be afraid of what's around the corner. People and life change so you can learn to let go." - M


Past Transgression

"Sobriety clears the mind and heart and brings a lot of new realizations about your life. What might have gone unnoticed while drinking now moves to the forefront. Anger may be justified because of a past transgression but remember, sometimes it is the not forgiving that keeps you stuck."



"My job is not to love the person society wants me to but the one standing in front of me." - Seth


Power Greater Than Myself

"When I earnestly ask a Power Greater than myself for help with my problem, he will assist me in sorting through and letting go of all the things that I have mistakenly allowed to cover up the astonishing beauty and peace of my own Self. Getting to my Real Self will save me from the obsession to escape my reality through chemicals or anything else." - T


The Next 30 Seconds

"No matter where you've been and no matter what your past, your life is lived or lost all in the next 30 seconds." - M



"If you don't stop using you probably wont die. But you wont live either. Addiction robs you of chances." - S


Silken Blindfold

"... But, it has become completely clear to me just who is pulling the threads that tempt. Just who is behind the tiny voice that eases the silken blindfold over my eyes, concealing the truth and commandeering my thoughts and actions into depravity. I have seen the dark specter in my dreams. Sickness is evil. The evil are sick. Evil has a throne in this world, and the disease of chemical dependency is one of its infective vehicles." Todd



"Remember that resentment needs pain to survive but can't directly cause it." - Abby


My Dad

"My Dad died while I was deep in drugs. I regret every moment I did not give him. For me, my only reprieve is to give him honor now by remembering him in every choice I make." - G.


Coincidence And Chance

"Coincidence and chance are two words I could not own when I was drinking. But they played a huge part in getting me sober."



"Recovery is not about avoiding death but finding life." - Ira


My Addiction

"An act of obsessive compulsion, waking most mornings with a heavy sigh and a curse on my lips. The machinery of my drug-addled body relying solely on the good grace of my heart, the last vestige of hope in a hopeless cause, pumping lukewarm blood into cold steel corridors of self-loathing and fear. The stubborn fury of my intellect too scared to face a lifetime of pent up emotion, but bold enough to venture places no sane man would ever go. I was ambivalent to life." - Todd


Recovery Movement

"The irony of the whole recovery movement comes from the fact that most people who use drugs or alcohol are not (and will never be) addicts, but had to be convinced they could become one." - Jenny


Addict's Imagination

"What I miss most is the addict's imagination. It creates a world of make believe that convinces you that things just don't matter."



"If I could take back one thing from my drinking days it would be the blame that I put on my parents for the pain they did not see." - H.T.


The Fool

"I was the star in rehab. But out here I feel like the fool with a problem." - L


Greatest Gift

"The willingness to silently forgive everything in a day, no matter how small the seeming slight and despite a convincing story behind a larger offense, is the greatest gift I can give myself and others. Sometimes it works right away, sometimes it takes repeated application. Contrary to what my mind says, this does not lead to gullibility or stupidity rather it leads to peacefulness and the freedom to truly choose, to act not react." - Todd