"Helping is about connecting. You don't connect it doesn't matter."


Never Dumb Down God

"The newcomer is told to believe in anything, just believe, because anything (even a doorknob) is more than they got now..... However, my sponsor always cautioned me to never dumb down God. That it is our own selfish nature that tries to box everything up in neat packages and it is our pride that makes us think we can." - N


My Plan

"I try not to get too happy because I am afraid I will get complacent. My plan is to keep a degree of sadness in me." - G


Personal Power

"I believe that personal power does not diminish and an individuals capabilities are not damaged simply because they use alcohol or drugs."


Man Up!

"Hey Dad, I understand sobriety is important but the idea if someone drinks that they can't be a father is ridiculous. Man up! Going to AA and trying to quit drinking does not exempt you from your responsibility - me." - A son


The Person

"Managing the disease of addiction cannot become more important than an individuals dreams and goals or we lose the person."


The Client

"I believe that drugs and alcohol are not the client. You are." - Sobriety



"How have I been living? I have been tripping over life.
...... Fall down and get up. Fall down and get up. Fall down and get up." - C


You And I

"I have always felt like this pathetically disgusting person, so destroying my life with drugs was not a far jump. I created loneliness. I found something wrong with everyone because I was afraid of being judged. Through my recovery, I slowly learned I could be so much more. I found myself by the grace and strength of those around me. Never underestimate the power of what is meant by you and I." - E


My Daughter

"When I look at her picture my regret deepens,
When I feel alone the most this needle is sinking,
And as my blood gets replaced with a feeling I used to love,
I wonder if my daughter forgot her father,
Like I did the one above.

I thought the first step was easy,
yet I still think I can manage,
Me being a father,
My addiction,
And how failure should be an acceptance.

My doubt grows more as does my days sober,
Sometimes I wish id never got high,
But instead gotten over,
My selfish pleasures of escaping my head,
That leads me to addiction till eventually I'm dead.

So I pray for understanding,
I pray for a better life,
I pray those hands will move on those numbers,
So I can finally know its time,
So my daughter doesn't have to say that I wasn't the dad she needed,
While her heart is growing without me.

My arms are being mistreated,
The poke makes it harder,
The dope makes the distance farther,
But twelve steps gets me closer,
To my arms around my daughter." - C.C.


Let God

"Let go and Let God means nothing if you pass by what the day brings." - Diana


A Choice

"A personal choice to quit carries more weight than a month long rehab program." - Trey



"Sometimes I think the healthiest people in recovery are the ones who never came." - N

People get better. 



"Triggers are only as powerful as your least important reason to remain sober." - Rita


A Hunch

"A hunch is an angel tapping you on the shoulder .... A second chance." - An Old Drunk

- Because of self doubt, many in recovery may pass by opportunities or "hunches" and instead settle into the safety of complacency.


Making Meaning

"It is not the big reasons that keep you sober but being able to make meaning out of the mundane." - D


Faith And Fear

"I once heard that if one has faith, then fear cannot be present. I disagree strongly. I believe that fear holds faith. They must exist together. It is the moving past fear, not the absence of it that strengthens a life with faith." - Jack



"Hesitation is potential tripping on the past." - Cody



"Resentments are only hearing one note of the symphony." - T



"What I learned in recovery is that you have to treat yourself like you want others to treat you. I couldn't keep degrading myself by using drugs and expect my relationships to be any different. "



"I wish I could save my tears so my mom could see them." (6 year old. Mom is an alcoholic.)



"Funny how in recovery I focused so much on all the obstacles in my life. Obstacles were never an impediment when I was drinking. If I wanted to get some alcohol I would." - G


Hangin Ten

"Hangin ten on the crest of the wave of life! The only way to keep balance is to let go of everything being held onto." - Todd


Too Far Gone

"Don't ever count me out. I have been through too much, gotten through too much, to be too far gone."



"Sobriety never looked like a good option because I associated being clean with withdrawal. I never had enough days in to feel anything else but crappy."


I'll Try

"I'll try was never in my vocabulary if I needed to get high." - Sarge



"Love is sometimes a one way street. This does not make it any less of a love." - Mother of an addict


Unknown Moment

"Be vigilant. We can be highly successful in sobriety but it is the unknown moment (one in which we are caught off guard and untested) that will define our recovery." - Vic