"When making amends, seek fairness not absolution." - R


Quiet Moments

"For me, recovery was learning how to reason with the quiet moments." - K


The Exhale

"You can sort through all the B.S. by waiting for all the talking to be done. Truth will follow the exhale." - An Old Drunk


No Free Ride

"There is no free ride in life. From the day we are born, with every breath we take, we owe one back."


Just Existing

"As a stay at home Mom, I thought drinking gave me a life. But in reality I was just existing and not living and that is a poor example for my kids." - D



"Recovery wins when neither fear nor liquor can stop your heart from grabbing hold of the words it needs to express itself."


My Subconscious

"My subconscious was being a jerk and trying to make me remember bad things. So my (emotional) breakdown was a last ditch effort of my brain to overwhelm my subconscious and shut it down in order to make the pain go away." - W (Age 11)


Difficult Marriages

"Your spouse's drinking does not have to define you. I've met a lot of people in difficult marriages that have thrived." - F


Sometimes It Just Happens

"Tired of the metallic taste, I would dip the barrel of my gun in peanut butter. I wanted to die, but was going to take one more chance at life. So with hot water spraying on me, I laid on the shower floor shaking. I was detoxing. Screaming at God to let me go or fix me. What the opioids hadn't taken already, the despair was about to. So with the constant thought of killing myself at my side, the days went by. And somehow I held on long enough. There was no miracle or spiritual awakening. I gained no great insight. But it happened. God did prove himself to me. I can't explain to you how I found sobriety, just like I can't explain how and why I fell in love. Sometimes it just happens." - N


Demon's Peace

"I was dead a year ago, passed out and choking on my own vomit. My tolerance down from rehab, the speedball's effect was immediate. Both angels and demons laid claim to me that night. Wether death refused me or life didn't let go, I do not know. But I survived. I am here. And wether I find recovery or not, it does not matter. I have felt my soul stir and found a demon's peace." - R



"Heroin had me so heavy with despair that suicide was the only idea that gave me hope."
- N


Your Move

"If you are reading this, God just threw you the ball........ Your move."



"What kept me believing in the marriage was Sundays.... where his morning hangovers gave way to evening dreams and promises." - S


Find You

Recovery Reflections

"There is no battle you can lose when you find you." - G


The Next Moment

"I have learned that it is often better for me to define myself by the next moment rather than the last." - L


The Trap

"I lost my faith because I put my husband on a pedestal and made him god. I allowed my values and self-esteem to be determined by him rather than trust in who God made me to be. In my recovery, not drinking has been easy compared to not falling back into the trap of trying to get his validation." - B


The Other Guy

"I have found that those who are most successful in recovery know that what is most important is the other guy." - J


Running Away

"They say you cannot run from yourself , but an addict does this every day."


Foolish Behavior

"For a drinker, foolish behavior in the past is often explained away by the booze. But a drinker carries with them an immature mentality that may have impacted their behavior wether they were drinking or not. The goal of recovery is to not only eliminate the alcohol from the drinker but to mature them in all aspects of life." - T


My Fear

"After learning how to deal with all the chaotic dysfunction of her pill use, my fear was not knowing my place in her sobriety." - I


The Lie

"Alcohol lied to me. It told me I was smart and funny and capable and confident and resourceful and that I could do or be whatever I wanted. So I quit fighting and I became the lie." - M


The Reality

"The reality for some is that dealing with a husband in recovery can be more difficult than dealing with him drinking. So, for the women out there struggling with the guilt of letting go, you don't owe, you already gave." - M


A Dream

"I miss my mom. Every night I grab the cross beside my bed and ask her to guide me. I recently had a dream where she whispered that the way to defend her memory is by living well." - J (Age 14)


A High

"The true hope of a high is that the next moment doesn't come."


A Letter To My Husband

"I can't hold it together anymore. I felt better when you were drinking. Just because you have a disease doesn't give you the right to disrespect me or your kids. Every day that you get better, I get more bitter. You are sober, but nothing has changed. I have carried the family on my shoulders for years and you have given me no apology. All you ask for is more help and understanding. Well, we all have problems. Everyone asks how you are doing and looks right on past me and your kids. We are hurting, and you can't see it. Your not drinking and you talk of your recovery with pride, but at the same time you yell and scream at your family. We cant go on this way anymore. We are done. Your sobriety is killing us." - A hurting family



"Sobriety bestows no secret insights that most of the world doesn't already know. You want to know how to be sober? Go find yourself someone who never drank and learn from them."
- Sarge



"Recovery teaches that we are defined more by our character than by our acts."

- Acts define our present, character determines our future.


Do It Well

There is nothing done that matters if it is not done well.

"I was facing a DUI, month in jail, loss of a job and rehab. It was now time to face my parents..... After telling them everything I had done and what I would have to do now, my Dad paused and without any anger or shame, he looked at me and said then son, do it well."


Becoming Prayer

"How do you become prayer? You remember."

"It was not in the safety of sobriety where I learned to pray but in the haunting memories of an addiction in which death should have won." - J


Fill In The Blanks

"I hate not knowing in life, so I fill in the blanks with weed and booze. You ask me how my tomorrow is going to be, I can tell ya."