"Your sobriety is gained or lost right now. Not when you relapse."



"Lack of self-confidence helped me in my recovery.... Where those with confidence chose to go it on their own, my lack of self-confidence forced me to depend on community, faith and God. This has made all the difference in my life of sobriety." - Mike


A Drunk

"The only thing more depressing than a drunk is a sober drunk. They have put down the drink but not the mood." - Angie



"If you are unsure, wait. Everything we know had to be introduced to us. Even a thought was somewhere else first." - CJ


An Attempted Suicide

"Today a good friend in the program who had been struggling with sobriety got out of the psych ward because of an attempted suicide. He came up to me and said that overall he is doing ok and the good news is that at least he didn't drink and his sobriety was still intact.... I was deeply hurt and pissed. I stared him straight in the eye and said... Next time drink! I would rather have you drunk than dead!" - M



"Addiction blurs the line between friend and enemy for both the addict and their family."


the Next Moment

"When I was drinking, many opportunities were lost to the hope of what the next moment might bring." -E

- The drinker magically believes that with the passing of time change is surely to occur.


Earn It

"Entitlement will kill. Sobriety owes nobody. Earn it." - Sarge


My Advice

My advice to stay sober: Everyday make somebody feel like they matter.



"Not sobriety at any cost. Love, to fight another day."



"Will my next act change a life?"- J


Being Right

"Being right has nothing to do with doing right."


Be Careful What You Grab

When you enter recovery after deciding to quit drinking, you may feel defenseless and empty inside. You may not know who you are or what you want. You will be looking for any shred of meaning or cure to lesson the loneliness and despair inside. Be careful what you grab. It has to be yours and relevant to your life. In the end, remember, you have to believe your life will be improved when you quit drinking or no change will occur.



"I am no longer simply the sum of all my experiences. I can now choose." - T

- Recovery teaches change is a choice.



Improving Yourself

"You don't have to stop drinking right away to start improving yourself."



It's not denial, but rather a difference of opinion.

- A good therapist must find motivation where only despair is seen. Owning accountability for resistance in addiction treatment is a way the clinician can understand how their own views may differ from the clients in terms of motivation to change.


Negative Consequences

"It is naive to think that the alcoholic hasn't noticed their drinking. Regurgitating negative consequences to them does not promote motivation. Find what they value and help them problem solve to it."


Breaking Point

"God allows us to reach our breaking point so we will be motivated to reach for new ideas." - T


Red Herring

"Don't go after the red herring. An addict will always have a crisis to avoid dealing with the truth."


Trust But Verify

"Distrusting what an addict says can save their life."


Validate Me

"If you want to help me, validate my experience and you begin to validate me." - M


What Is Trust Without No-Trust?

There are birds outside today.
They are puppies playing
In the snakey coral cactus.
They hup and puff and flutter
And swing Matily
And ballet the needles.
Then they run across the roof
Like little lizards.
Oh how I could too
Trusy merrily
On the arm of the prickles,
Inches from the down looked snakes head.
What is trust without no-trust?
will I ever move a muscle,
While these two feed bread crumbs to each other?
- Todd, Diaphonous



"Recovery did not teach me why I was drinking but why I was living." - T



"My spiritual journey of recovery began at my first drink." - Dave



"Recovery is like a mirror. No matter how you look at it, it will always reflect back you." - Paul


Personal Inventory

"Taking a personal inventory is a powerful way to bring to light the values, beliefs and innocence we once had and how our addictions destroyed them. When we remember who we were and what has been lost we can then start to grab ahold of who we want to become again."



"Don't sit with a craving. When conflicted, get out of your head and do something." - Scott


The Secret

"Sobriety never takes. When you are at your lowest, reach out and offer someone else a hand." - Sue


My Friend In Detox

"To my friend in detox: I stood strong for as long as my will allowed, and then I pushed further. Death did not follow as my fears predicted, but rather an irrational calm of a spiritual nature overtook me. There became no separation between me and you, only the struggle." - A Soldier