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"My moment of clarity came handcuffed in the back of a cop car. Time slowed down, confusion became understanding and my terror turned to peace. The will to live is in everyone and it is summoned the moment you decide that today is not a good day to die." - D.C.

Just One More

I'll just have one more......
"..... An athlete with one more mile, a scholar with one more book, an inventor with one more idea, in love with one more look, a family with one more person, alone with one more fight, out of time with one more moment, lost with one more step, a friend with one more smile, triumphant with one more try, drunk with one more drink, sober with one more day." - Penny

Eagles Wings

"Counseling, doctors, therapists and rehabs couldn't do it. What saved me was a little gold eagle charm my sister gave me that I still wear around my neck today. I don't know why, but this simple gesture tugged at my heart. In a note she wrote just these words: If you ever get lost, use these wings to fly your way home." - J

- Never underestimate the power of a simple kindness.

My Story

"The more I told my story the more I lost sight of me. Be careful, don't let your story run all over you." - Gen

Our Mind

"Life is the way it is and the way we hold each situation in our mind will determine whether it is frustrating or freeing." - Todd


"I have seen people die because they couldn't let go. Love is not an excuse." - An Old Drunk


He will remember. Will you?

Heart & Mind

"It's just a drink. It's not you."
- Others may define you by your past, but your heart and mind only know what you just did and are about to.


"I will not gloat by counting days or let some slogans carry me away.
I will remember the privilege I did earn the moment your second chance came my way." - G (Written for my wife.)

Character Defects

"Exploring your character defects in recovery is so important. For me, believe it or not, I finally felt free in that awful, awful moment when I realized who I had become in all my drug use." - C

Prayer Intentions

"I used to pray for things/results – what I thought was best ………… I pray to get through whatever challenges life brings – I let go and let God." - Corky


"Wether it be in war or in life, you never leave a fallen comrade. No matter how dire the situation seems, miracles of change are born from self-sacrifice." - Sarge


"Don't tell me I am in denial... Recovery has nothing to offer me on its own. What I'm waiting for, what I need, is for you to reach out to me." - Kim