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"Being honest doesn't always mean you should say everything. Sometimes it means you should say nothing." - Jay

What You Got

"Don't ever doubt your ability to help! No matter how many days you have sober, there will always be someone who needs what you got." - Jess

That Chance

"It's your choice whether you accept the help. But know this, there are some that would of gladly welcomed that chance you didn't take." - C

My Son

"The little moments mean a lot to me. Not because he is sober, but because he is my son. If my hope is only for the day he will be sober, I will miss his life."


"My addiction kept me living within the boundaries of what I thought acceptable to lose. Eventually everything became expendable." - Zach


"How do you learn to love again? Eliminate the words I, ME and MY and replace them with OUR, WE and US." - B

- Addiction takes, recovery gives.