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"Your love scares me, because it challenges me, and I push away. It would be easier if you hated me for what I've done." - H


"Wherever you are, look around. You didn't get here by accident. It was a series of choices over a period of time that made this place a reality." - S


"I prayed a lot more in addiction than I do in recovery. But my breath doesn't smell like vomit now." - @TwelveDrawings


"Congratulations on your sobriety Dad, but I no longer live in the shadow of your fears. I have become everything I am because I decided to not be you." - A Son

- Not all realizations in sobriety are happy ones.

To Help

"What is the right way to help an addict? I don't know, but i'll say that those who are absent are always wrong." - An Old Drunk


"Today I'm going to my Home Group to pickup my 9 year chip. Today is beyond my wildest dreams as my first sponsor promised If I took the steps. My life has been a gift and I want to share this gift with others whenever I can." - Z.B.

Decision Making

"Initially in recovery decision making may be difficult as your mind is tainted with the echoes of past failures. Talk it out with someone you trust." - R


The only way to complicate this... is you.

Will Power

"Will power? Sure, okay. Try eating a box of laxatives & talk to me about will power. That's what addiction is like." - @AddictDude

Earn It