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Client 545

"When someone says their worst day sober is better than their best day stoned I immediately blurt out "Bullshit". - @AddictDude

The Equation

"Everything we do, at least at one time, we do because it served a purpose for us. To beat addiction you have to know both sides of the equation: What do I gain by my addiction? What do I lose?"


"Don't ignore the bullsh*t. Reasons and excuses for NOT stopping are important for they illustrate the beliefs many keep to continue using alcohol or drugs." - T


"Your emotions are essential in changing your life. Listen to them. They will tell you when your focus is wrong."

- Even when you believe things are going good, your heart can tell you they're wrong.


"Goals become overwhelming when kept as a 'to do' or outside of yourself. Don't keep your goals at a distance. Break them down into practical daily steps and they become a part of who you are." - D

- The same could be said for recovery.

Remember The Magic

How To Help

"What can I do to help?" I get asked this all the time. I honestly don’t have a pat answer. This comment from a reader is the closest I can come to what I have learned over the last three years on how you can help addicts, 

“When I was a junkie it was a lot easier to find someone to buy me lunch than it was to find someone who gave a shit about who I was.”

So, what can you do? Don’t judge. Stop and talk. Treat everyone you might cross paths with like what they are, a person. Give a shit about them. Even if that person is a crack addict living in filth...." - Arnade

Magnum Opus

"The Magnum Opus for every junky is to be a highly desired, posh sloth, whom is neither expected nor responsible for any single instance in their life. That is highest of all statuses in any and all druggy circles across the planet. To be entitled and anonymous, oh what a dream." - Galentine


Dope Sick

"Dope sick: ...It is a unique conundrum in that the only remedy for immediate relief also happens to be the only root cause. In short…The solution became the problem."  - G

Client 545

"I find the morbid honesty amusing on the clinics "in case of emergency" protocol. Securing patients safety falls under locking up methadone." - @AddictDude