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"In a selfish display of grief I was stoned out of my mind that day. I felt bad about not crying, more than I did about her dying." - D

Thank You AA

"I may not be the guy I ought to be...
I may not be the fellow I could be...
I may not be the man I should be...
BUT willl never again be the jerk I was....thank you AA" - C


"I'm careful to remember that every drinking story I got that gets giggles in a meeting, was obtained by hurting someone I care about."

My Knees

"Stand up. Stand up, dammit. My legs would not listen. I could not stand until I first got on my knees." - @TwelveDrawings


"Alcohol was never judgmental toward an awkward guy like me. In fact, it accepted me when treatment programs and people didn't." - K


"Understand mistakes will be made in your pursuit of recovery, not because you are an addict, but because you don't start at the end." - S


"Recovery is my design for living. It is a force of love that allows me to live my truth and be my authentic self." - S

Invisible Force

"I didn't much believe in God. I mean, seriously. Invisible force that knows everything and guides my actions? Hey, I had addiction for that." - @TwelveDrawings

A Father's Prayer

Same Person

"It is hard to realize I'm exactly the same person in sobriety as I was in addiction. Same body, mind and spirit. Just a different Master." - @TwelveDrawings