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"When change is needed, life has a way of maneuvering me to moments of little choice. There is no doubt in what I should do when I am cornered." - G

What I've been doing

"My dad would always ask what I've been doing. Not because he wanted to know if I was drinking but because he knew I couldn't think my way into recovery." - R


"I never thought of myself as an addict. It was my anxiety that played havoc in my life. When I finally got on some appropriate meds I went from drinking to feel normal to a normal drinker." - S

No Greater

“There is no greater sorrow –THAN REGRET
No greater power –THAN LOVE
No greater gift –THAN FORGIVENESS”
- C

Finding Peace

"What I have found in sobriety is an inner peace. An ability to live life on life’s terms. An ability to “root” into my life and this earth and remain present and strong even when the wind blows. Finding peace is the only hope an alcoholic has. For me; it was the only chance I had of being able to live at all." - E

My Life

"If you're not going to use that, may have the rest of it? I turned toward the sound of the voice. It was my HP, pointing at my life." - @TwelveDrawings

Never Surrender

"Remember, life never surrenders. Neither should you. Even within severe addiction, the body breaks down, sacrifices itself, so you may live." J


"Peace in the midst of a storm." - K

I See Me Now

"Were it not for my addiction and God's recovery, I might have mistaken my life for having little value. I see me now." - @TwelveDrawings

A Whisper

"I once heard a whisper deep down in the recess of my heart. I did not know if it was real or some created fantasy but when it spoke I knew it could not be denied. It was not a voice that came in from the ears, one that could be manipulated and ignored. But rather a significant yearning, a deep knowing, that I could be more than I am now..." Whispers Of A Land

In My Heart To Do

"In the end my recovery will be judged not but what I did because I was told to do it, but by what I did because it was in my heart to do." - J


"I got a couple memories that I wont tell and will always remain in me. Not because they are embarrassing or vile, but because I do not want them to lose their pain. I want to remember." - Ed