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"God has this surprise party he never tires of throwing for me. It's called Today." - @TwelveDrawings


Paranoid Haze

"Drugs kept me in a perpetually paranoid haze. A simple walk was a struggle to complete, always stopping to let those behind me pass." - S


How I Learn

"Who I dislike, I meet. What I don't care to hear, I listen to. Who I distrust I sit by. What I don't feel like doing I do... This is how I learn about me." - R

We Stand Alone Together


"Don't tell me your an addict. Getting knocked down is easy. Show me how you stand back up." - Sarge


"Why are they resistant to treatment? Would you believe it if I told you that the drunk judges you too?" - An Old Drunk


"Take pride in the struggles of recovery. It would have no value if it wasn't hard to accomplish." - R


"I was full of anger and hate, a mirror of everyone else in my life. Recovery turned the mirror around on me." - S