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"In my recovery, I found forgiveness when I figured out the difference between wanting something and perusing something."

Self-Centered Thinking

"In addiction, there is no destructive force greater than an addict’s self-centered thinking. They can create and destroy worlds in a split second in their head. Left alone there is little chance of positive change.Their world is a prison, not a playground." - T


"Ever light a candle using another candle? That is how I believe hope travels from one recovering person to another." - @TwelveDrawings


Trying To Find The Pied Piper

"... Some steal, some deal, some trick, and some do a variety of any and every vile, and despicable act(s) the degenerate dictionary holds in its corroded contents. The larger the city, the greater the opportunity is to fall into a snakes pit of ape shit. Constantly juggling the chainsaws of our own conscience, diluted and dilated, we impulsively allow each breach of our behavior to happen so long as flag is captured and the dragon is netted. Regret is the runway every flight takes off from. We feel it under our wheels for just seconds, then glance at its remnants for a moment before we are humming numbly in the clouds. Remember though, Romeo, every flight has a finish. All blackouts usually end in whitewash." - G




"Gratitude is not just good for the addict. It was the key to helping me get through my son's addiction." - D

Shut Up. Pray.

"If you ever lose your train of thought or forget what you are going to say, it's God's subtle way of saying shut up. Pray." - An Old Drunk

Life Skills

"The disease didn't make me relapse, lack of life skills did. I knew how to stop drinking but I did not know how to live life." - B

A Day With Some Time


"My thinking was the problem. The longer I hung out in my head the more complicated the great debate of possibilities became." - T

The Mind

"The mind is a powerful, dark, and bright place. It can create and destroy worlds in a split second. Even while I sit here. So now I act without delay." - E