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"Embrace imperfection, creativity, chance and change. Life is an adventure. And never forget, you only have control over yourself (if others choose to change more power to them... not to you). Enjoy every moment." - T


"I was told to shut up and listen. But frequent relapses have taught me that it's time for me to find my own voice again." - D

Apologize & Hope

"Own your shortcomings and any hurts you may have caused. Then apologize and hope for forgiveness, but never expect it--that is theirs to give and it is not owed to you." - T

Compromise & Communication

"Every over paid marriage counselor (which is every one that exists) will tell you that compromise and communication are the most important aspects to any relationship; Especially the relationship an addict has with the junk. No union exists that demands such a compromise of innumerable areas of your moral compass, than the relationship between a junky and his dope." - G



"We must continue to trudge even when we're exhausted and drained; mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally." - J


"The evil she did in addiction went as deep as the wanting to be good. As long as she had hate I had hope." - A Mom

12 Steps

"Journey from drunkeness to sobriety is like a horseshoe, you slide to the bottom but, thank God there are 12 steps to climb back up" - S

The Secret

"My sponsor told me never to just do what he does. He said all drinkers are not the same and arrogance should never be a part of recovery. He said the secret is understanding this and if I do, I will get what he got." - P

Living Right

"Living sober didn't mean I was living right. I know drinkers who were more respectful of other people's needs than I was initially in recovery." - B

On The Same Bus

"Recovery for me is about connecting with myself, connecting with my higher power, and connecting with the people that walk the path with me. The 12 steps give me the path, and my higher power is there whenever I'm in need. Movies are an important part of my recovery. Whether or not the movie is about recovery, in movies I can find examples of insanity, surrender, change and serenity. I need those examples to remind myself that I am on the same bus with the rest of us and that there is more hope than I can imagine." - E


"Sure I would nod my head and agree with you, I had to. But I know I always had a choice. I was an addict not an idiot. Telling me I had a disease completely diminished my trust in you. As long as you allow a substance to define me, you will never see me. Recovery came when I found honesty. Honesty in my truth, not yours." - R