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On The Same Bus

"Recovery for me is about connecting with myself, connecting with my higher power, and connecting with the people that walk the path with me. The 12 steps give me the path, and my higher power is there whenever I'm in need. Movies are an important part of my recovery. Whether or not the movie is about recovery, in movies I can find examples of insanity, surrender, change and serenity. I need those examples to remind myself that I am on the same bus with the rest of us and that there is more hope than I can imagine." - E

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"Blaming your drinking on your problems is like blaming the devil on the dark." - F

Right Direction

"In recovery, you know you're heading in the right direction when you no longer want to look behind you." - T

A Family

"AA was not a group to me, but a family. It was the first time I felt that others accepted me unconditionally." - S