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Echoes Of Love

Letting Go

"Forgiveness to me means letting go. It means I have accepted they understand their wrongdoing or they never will. It does not mean that I have to keep them in my life." - P

Self Will

"Self will is not the enemy when your desires and motives are aligned to a healthy ideal. Even selfishness becomes determination with the proper mindset. What addict could heal without a selfish adherence to recovery? What alcoholic could be sober without a self will that says so?" - T

Reason Why

"Recovery isn't agreeing and accepting everything just because you screwed up. It's finding your own reasons to be better. If you don't have a reason why, you won't find your how." - B

Who I Am

"The more I know about the truth of who I am, the less I will have to surrender to those who are right simply because they are more powerful." - A



"Face facts. For this addict, every day contains the ingredients necessary for my sobriety or my next slip." - @TwelveDrawings


"Loneliness taught me how to love again. Love taught me I did not have to drink away my sadness." - A

Become The Person

"Knowing who you want to become is more important than what you want to accomplish. When you become the person, you then attract the right conditions to accomplish. If you accomplish but don't become, you lose it. Become a sober person and you'll accomplish." - E

Who You Will Be

"Recovery doesn't necessarily resolve conflict, but rather brings it to the forefront. How you resolve it, this is where you start finding who you will be." - S

Empty Bottle

"Hitting bottom didn't move me, I was comfortable in that pain. What motivated me to go to recovery was an empty bottle." - A

The Phrase

"An interesting fact I have experienced is that I've never heard the phrase, 'They Have To Want The Help', from a Mother or Grandmother who is fighting for their loved one in recovery." - A Counselor