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"When my son stopped drinking we would have some long tearful talks. I could see the pain that was on his face. This made me happy. I was glad to see him hurt. The more he hurt the better I felt." - Mom

Smoking Dope

"My dad promised it would be my last act on this earth if he ever caught me smoking dope. After he died, I smoked a lot for a long time. I was hoping he remembered his promise." - K

Expected Outcomes

"For my recovery to finally work I did not need to go to rehab, do 90 meeting in 90 days or focus on drinking. I needed a job. I wish someone would of told me this earlier. It is a shame how fear can shape expected outcomes." - R


"We all rise or fall to the expectations of those around us. Keep relapsing? Check the expectations of those around us." - An Old Drunk

The Great Clown Pagliacci

Perfectly Imperfect

I'm doing the best that I can and that is good enough for today, because I'm perfectly imperfect and that's perfectly ok.
"Yeah, I may not do this sobriety thing perfectly, and I may not stay sober for the rest of my life, but that's no reason to stop trying..." - BD


"We are united not only in our common struggle but in an acceptance of our differences. AA taught me I was ok in who I am not through conformity but with understanding." - A Member

A Person Not Just Employee

"If it wasn’t for this job, I’d still be on heroin. A few years ago, one of my bosses came to me, and he said: ‘You’re approaching a crossroads in life, and pretty soon there will be no turning back.’ Then he told me: ‘Go to rehab right now. And your job waiting for you when you get back...’" - Humans Of New York


"Resentment is like that cobweb in the corner that catches your eye. You can't ignore it and it will bug you until you wipe it away." - T

Great Friends

"I made so many truly great friends in addiction. Funny, though. Not one of them has ever congratulated me on my years staying sober." - @TwelveDrawings


Poems, Prayers & Promises