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God's Will

"What if I did not care about God's will for me? I tried that. In my case, all it got me was a white chip. Lots and lots of 'em." - @TwelveDrawings

Who Do You Want To Be Now?

"When drugs and alcohol leave your body and life, you may experience vulnerability inside. You will be stripped to the soul and asked, "who do you want to be now?” You have for so long denied your true self. You have relied on drugs and alcohol to get you through life. Now that your addiction has left, you are defenseless. You do not know who you are. You will be looking for any shred of meaning or cure to lesson the loneliness and despair inside. Be careful what you grab. It has to be yours and relevant to your life." - T

The Nudge


"Time and honesty can heal a lot, but they won't heal guilt. Tangible action does. Healing guilt starts with doing what is right." - C

Your Move


"'Come on. Just try what I'm suggesting. What have you got to lose?' Funny how my 12 gauge and my sponsor spoke the same language." - @TwelveDrawings


"The semi-colon appears where a sentence could end, but instead it goes on. Suicide puts a period in your sentence. Don't use a period in your life; use a semi-colon. You have more to say..." - D