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"The soft sound of my daughters voice drowns out any urges I may have to drink. My best relapse prevention word is Dad." - R

Take It

"I don't care who you are, you can beat drugs. It will be hard but if you can take it, you can make it." - Sarge


"It's weird, they trusted me when they didn't know I was drinking, but distrust me now that I'm getting sober." - L

Stained Glass Heart

"Mom says tears can't wash away all the hurt, but that's ok. Both light and dark are necessary inside of me to make my beautiful stained glass heart." - G (age 9)


"To potentially harm someone emotionally in my recovery, because of my recovery, was not how I was going to keep my sobriety. I couldn't make right some things that I had done wrong. This realization was the hardest part of my recovery." - K



"I can worry or do..... When I worry, I'm probably not doing. When I'm doing there will be no need to worry." - N



"It was shame that kept me from getting help. Not a shame of self but from the reluctance to be viewed by the negative judgements of others." - A

Hate More, Hurt Less

"Drinking only numbed my mind, it didn't fix my reality. So I took matters into my own hands. I would instigate him. And every time he hit me I hated more and hurt less." - A Wife

A Soldier Is Born

"You dive into the foxhole not because your scared but because you still have hope the war won't get to you. But a war is never won in a foxhole. When you realize this fact, and you take that step out, this is when a soldier is born" - Sarge

Thank You

"It’s one of the smallest seemingly innocuous phrases in the English language – however, please know that when I say it I truly mean it and am reminded that I am worthy….. THANK YOU!"