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"Every scar has a story and a lesson learned from it. The lesson becomes positive when you don't just feel the pain but understand why it hurts." - S


"I know a lot of sad sober addicts who will forever be locking horns with their disease. Denial saved my life." - N


"It saddens me to think how treatment taught me to look in the mirror and not see me. It scared me into defending, defining and embracing my disease at the expense of myself." #sicknomore


"Real evil isn't obvious and won't ever stand in front of you, it will duck and weave. It's true power comes in slowly planting seeds of doubt." - Sarge

Condition For Love

"I didn't lie to disrespect you, I was scared. You said you would love me no matter what ...... unless I kept on drinking. It felt like sobriety was your condition for love. This made me feel so insignificant." - R