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Fills The Holes

"I don't think addiction occurs because of sadness or anger but rather because of an emptiness inside of people. It fills the holes that friendship should." - J

New Horizons

"Initially I struggled in recovery. It was difficult for me to dream beyond what I knew. But with each STEP, I gained knowledge of new horizons." - H

Beyond Myself

"When I looked beyond myself I realized her heart had its own language and each of her tears was a blessing that let me know hope was still alive in her." - Mom

To Help

"Trying to help is a balance between guiding and knowing when to get out of the way. Recovery is a time to practice this for all involved." - Dr. T.


"A bad binge or bottom won't get me. I am not just an end result. You'll find me when you get serious about finding me." - Sobriety


"Recovery has taught me that the point of life is not to live without any regrets, but to learn to live with them and not hate myself." - L