"Be a sponsor that helps by acknowledging, not just correcting." - G



"You haven't decided until you have acted. No action, no decision." - T


Overwhelm It

"When I encounter an obstacle I overwhelm it.... with action." - R



"Resolve comes from failure, not success." - Dr. T.


My Confidence

"Her recovery will only know my confidence not my fear." - Dad


Just Enough

"I love you just enough and don't give a damn just enough to be able to manipulate the whole world for you." - L



"To truly help people I have learned that often I have to get out of the way." - An Old Drunk



"Most struggles are not hard, just inconvenient." - Sarge


Stuck In Sadness

"I see smiles on other peoples faces but miss the reasons why. I'm stuck in sadness and just wondering how long it takes to earn a better emotion?" - B



"Don't be too quick to help. Sometimes only hurt can heal the heart." - D


Shit Just Hurts

"I tried to get on top of my emotions with the idea that knowledge is power. It didn't work. Sometimes shit just hurts." - D



"I contemplated suicide until I realized you can't shoot an idea. You defeat a bad idea with a better one." - B


Better Ideas

"I thought recovery would transform me into a new person. It didn't. I was still me but with better ideas." - A


Painful Not Hard

"Recovery is not hard. It's painful, not hard." - L


A Good Place

"The speaker told me he couldn't save me, that I have to fight my way back. Although I'm at a very low point in my life, I'm in a very good place." - M


The Outstretched Hand

"Believe me, you are not alone. When you are trying to do the right thing, there will always be someone willing to help you. Don't be too proud to ignore the outstretched hand." - H


Hurt A Little

"Until I entered recovery, I always tried to take the easy road. Now I know I'm on the right track when the decisions I make hurt a little." - B



"I figured out I had to get me back. Using drugs wasn't my downfall, It was when I stopped being me." - D



"We can choose to pick up a beer whenever we fancy. But if we want to put that beer down, all of a sudden there are diseases, character defects, meetings, and counseling treatment sessions to contend with. Instead of labeling the failure to remain sober as “the disease” we should be looking at the messages we are sending those who are seeking help. The messages these people get when they enter treatment “You are powerless”, “You will always have the disease”, “Once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic”; I believe lends itself to the endless struggle and failure we see in recovery." - T



"Obstacles. Will I let them be a problem or a lesson." - P



"You know your addicted when anything good, hurts." - T



"When the hurt stops hurting." - Together We Rise Video



Every morning when I wake up
Even before I put on my make-up
Before I talk to the God above
I gotta don these boxin gloves...

Preparing myself for this fight I fight
Against my own self; my life
My mind, my brain; my own worst enemy
I fight harder than Muhammad Ali

I step in this ring and put my dukes up
Prayin my strength is more than enough
To make it through one more day
Clean, sober; living this life the right way

This struggle; this fight is so damn real
I fight through these feelings I feel
My competition has won a few fights
But today my game is on real tight

NO more will you knock this girl down
No uppercuts to me; I'm a boss now
Bouncing around, dodging them throws at me
Quickly you see this bitch is no longer weak

Even with the hardest punch you throw
I will get you back ten times fold
Look at me still standing; winning this fight
HA! Yup, I'm more vicious than a snake bite

Today this fight is almost over
I didn't get high; I remained sober
Look who is laughin now; today I win
Tomorrow I will show I am the CHAMPION!!!

By: L. S.


The Beatings

"Pills didn't make me forget the beatings, they helped me not care that I was still living." - S


Get The Day

"Sober doesn't mean alive, just awake. You got to go get the day." - M


Secret Love Affair

The first time you touched my lips
You tasted sweeter than a first kiss
Suddenly and to my surprise...
The world looked better through my eyes

You made me feel wild and free
You even gave me a way to be happy
Invincible, unstoppable, I was ready to go
I was so into you I could not say no

For awhile you were so much fun
You gave me happiness and laughter; pain there was none
My smile was large, my confidence soared
But eventually I needed you more and more

If you weren't there for me
I felt like shit; I know you could see
But you didn't give a fuck; a care
without you I could only sit and stare

You took my soul, and changed me forever
I lost my dreams; the goals I once endeavored
I became a monster, I lost my style
You even robbed my once beautiful smile

You were all mine, no one needed to know
My special lover, my secret beau
I thought together we would always be
Until I looked in the mirror and didn't know me

I realize now, I finally see
From your capture I didn't long to be
With you I fought every day
Just one more is all you would say

You brought me to my all time lows
If only I could just say NO!
Because of you I almost died
And the life I lived was a fucking lie

It is time to put us to an end
Goodbye I must say to a long time friend
Life will be scary because I don't know how to feel
I realize shit is about to get real

It is time to close this chapter my friend
I no longer want you ever again
I'm ready to love me; I am ready to care
So good-bye to my pills; My secret love affair

By: L. S.



"Relapse is forgetting. Recovery is about remembering." - G


Family Addiction

"Growing up silence was survival. Progress was dangerous. Wanting more only brought me shame and guilt from those who needed the status quo." - D