Every morning when I wake up
Even before I put on my make-up
Before I talk to the God above
I gotta don these boxin gloves...

Preparing myself for this fight I fight
Against my own self; my life
My mind, my brain; my own worst enemy
I fight harder than Muhammad Ali

I step in this ring and put my dukes up
Prayin my strength is more than enough
To make it through one more day
Clean, sober; living this life the right way

This struggle; this fight is so damn real
I fight through these feelings I feel
My competition has won a few fights
But today my game is on real tight

NO more will you knock this girl down
No uppercuts to me; I'm a boss now
Bouncing around, dodging them throws at me
Quickly you see this bitch is no longer weak

Even with the hardest punch you throw
I will get you back ten times fold
Look at me still standing; winning this fight
HA! Yup, I'm more vicious than a snake bite

Today this fight is almost over
I didn't get high; I remained sober
Look who is laughin now; today I win
Tomorrow I will show I am the CHAMPION!!!

By: L. S.