Behind Closed Doors

"I feel sorry for myself so I can feel behind closed doors." - D


Keep The Status Quo

"I've spent so much time trying to placate him that I don't know what my feelings are for him anymore. His drinking zapped me of my ability to feel anything other than to keep the status quo." - T.


Loving You

"Putting me first doesn't get me sober, loving you does." - K


Bigger Reason

"When detoxing, find a bigger reason for now, even though now sucks." - B



"I would rather be alone than be with someone who makes me feel alone." - R


Noise Of Others

"Drinking drowns out my voice with the noise of others." - J


Salvific Opportunity

"Every challenge I encounter is between God and I and to be viewed as a salvific opportunity. I try to keep in mind that others are observing me and the situation, thus giving me the opportunity for a "teaching moment" with regard to how things should be handled." - B


Your Showing Me

"I'll know you at a glance and before a word is spoken. Your showing me now what you will tell me later." - R



"Don't let your kindness be the kind that is only there as long as I listen." - B



"I prioritize my thoughts they don't prioritize me. So, if I get the thought to use I don't fight it. Insignificance needs attention to grow." - T


Shift Your Gaze

"Most adversity is less severe than it seems. This is because we tend to focus on the part of adversity that we don't seem able to overcome. Here is a tip - shift your gaze." - E


Handling Adversity

"1) Acknowledge the problem.
2) Pinpoint the cause.
3) Refuse to be conquered by it.
4) Feel the Strength well up inside you.
5) Engage this Strength, not in anger, but in aggressively addressing the problem." - Dr. T.


What God Knows

"I need to re-sensitize myself
To God's hope for my life,
Lest measuring myself
By the worst I have done,
I fail to believe
In what God knows
I can become."

- B
A Gift To Self


The Doing

"In recovery don't ever let the figuring be more than the doing?" - S



"Don't be afraid of struggle. Sometimes you have to get a little messed up to step up." - C


That Taken Piece

"I did not give that little piece of me away. It was stolen from me. My choice to not use drugs was taken by childhood abuse. Addiction wasn't a choice it was a necessity. That taken piece, I have always been afraid nothing could grow there but pain. But I am giving life one chance, a choice, to reach out to me in ways no one ever has. If i'm ridiculed or judged I will run. Know this when you see me. I'll be the one cowering in the corner." - L


Something This Big

"When you're looking at something this big don't go looking for something bigger. Deal with the day. Deal with the night." - B



"Once I was talking with my son, he was about 9 years old at the time. We were talking about a Bible verse and why would love be the greatest virtue? His elegant and simple answer: “Because, once you get to Heaven someday, you won’t need faith or hope anymore.”" - Dr. D.



"My good friends ain't afraid to rough me up because they don't underestimate me like I do. They push me off the edge because they know I can fly." - G


The Moment Of Recovery

For one
Who has been given
Power I seldom use
And opportunities
I often ignore...
Let this moment of recovery
Be a new beginning.

I need
To be reminded
To not give up
But to grow up.

I cannot
Lose my fears
Until I am willing to face
The things for which I am afraid.

I cannot profess a faith
To live by
Until I begin
to really live by faith!

In this moment
Of a new beginning of recovery
I need to re-sensitize myself
To God's hope for my life,
Lest measuring myself
By the worst I have done,
I fail to believe
In what God knows
I can become.

As I accept
This new beginning of recovery
I open myself to the next step,
And give my soul
The encouragement
To begin again.

- B
A Gift To Self



"Adversity is not invincible. It has no determination of its own. It is lazy and will go were people don’t bother to oppose it." - E


I Can't Rush In

"Her sadness hints at not being whole. But I can't rush in, I have to give her a chance to show me how to fight it." - J


A Dash

"The tombstone doesn't lie. Dreams up front, answers at the end. It's called a dash for a reason." - B



"I have always went with the idea that practice makes perfect. That is only true if you are doing it the right way. Otherwise practice only makes permanent." - N



"Defiance is an eagerness to learn. - S


Why You Are There

"In situations where God is very difficult to find, perhaps that is why you are there – to reflect God’s presence to others, to give faith, and hope, and love to others." - Dr. D.


My Dream

"When they told me I was an alcoholic for life, I told them no I wasn't. Those words don't fit in my dream."



"Sometimes you have to look for an 'I Love You' in ways other than verbally." - S



"I got rid of a lot of baggage in recovery. It was amazing how much of what weighed me down wasn't mine to carry in the first place." - P



"Cravings never made me drink, situations did." - L


A Diagnosis

"A diagnosis doesn't change potential, just gives reasons to not achieve." - S