The Moment Of Recovery

For one
Who has been given
Power I seldom use
And opportunities
I often ignore...
Let this moment of recovery
Be a new beginning.

I need
To be reminded
To not give up
But to grow up.

I cannot
Lose my fears
Until I am willing to face
The things for which I am afraid.

I cannot profess a faith
To live by
Until I begin
to really live by faith!

In this moment
Of a new beginning of recovery
I need to re-sensitize myself
To God's hope for my life,
Lest measuring myself
By the worst I have done,
I fail to believe
In what God knows
I can become.

As I accept
This new beginning of recovery
I open myself to the next step,
And give my soul
The encouragement
To begin again.

- B
A Gift To Self