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Your Smile

"You don't have to tell me how you're doing, your smile will let me know. I can feel your smile when you're happy and only see it when you're sad." - Dad

Run On Sentence

"Don't put a period at the end of a negative sentence in your head. Make it a run on sentence until your thinking more positive." - L

How To Manipulate

"'You know me better than I know myself' and admitting 'I got issues' were two statements I knew would get me out of hot water with my wife when I was drinking." - D


"I wanted details of what you did not because I was curious but because I wanted more justification to back up my "no" the next time you asked if you could stay." - H


"Dealing with trauma is like pulling a serrated knife from your ass that someone put there a year ago." - Sarge


"I felt pathetic and week not because I drank but because I lived for your approval. The approval based on me not drinking." - T

How We Loved Her

"My Mom never discussed it. To acknowledge it meant she failed us. This was the way she loved us, by swallowing her shame and guilt. But we all knew and the denying became how we loved her back." - C

Foundation Of Character

"...There’s not going to be a switch that flips once you become an adult, and suddenly you start acting right. Every decision you make matters. Because once you’re older, you’re going to revert back to the same behavior you have right now. If you have a foundation of rudeness, dishonesty, and not caring, that’s what you’ll fall back on when you’re faced with a challenge. So we need to build a foundation of character.” -


"When I was in the delivery room they told me to push. So no, I will never give up on my son." - A Mom


"Wether they come from my heart or my head, I'm learning not to be afraid of my words." - D

The Dot

"As I lay in the dentists chair, frightened out of my mind, I focused my thoughts on God in the form of meditation. And my eyes on God in the form of a small dot on the operating lamp. What one might call an imperfection in the plastic covering protecting the bulb. But for me, at that moment, it represented the Lord..." -


"Build a relationship, understand their language, match their pace and wait for the moment." - D

My Life

"Can I have the rest of that if you're not going to use it?" I turned to see God gesturing toward my life." - @TwelveDrawings