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"You don't have to physically die to lose your life to others. Internal angst is a reminder to myself that at any moment someone can take my life." - C

Gift Of Survival

"The addict has a way of summoning strength from situations that would cause others only despair. This gift of survival must be understood. " - An Old Drunk

Give Me A Day

"My family is disappointed in me that I relapsed but I don't see it that way. I have been so depressed sleeping for the past year that meth was the only thing that would give me a day." - T

Live Right

"Just because you don't participate in someone else's evil doesn't make you good. You can't just be against something, you have to live right." - Sarge

More Than Skin Deep

"Your a difficult person. Your lucky I see more than your actions allow. My knowing you is more than skin deep, so I stay when others would leave." - L

What I Will Do

"I can do anything I put my mind to but I have not done everything I can do. So for me, it is more important to know what I will do, not what I can do." - N

Ain't Bullshit

“....Selling ain’t bullshit. They take that shit serious. Throwing charges at us is how them lawyers, police, judges, corrections officers and counselors make their money. They need it to live. They addicted to the drugs like everyone else. Their thing is giving out tickets for it, not using it. They make money and we just do the time and take the shit.” - Chris Arnade

The Reality

"The reality I had to face in recovery? The world does not care and it is often the most sick that are seen. The healthy get lost and their efforts forgotten." - P