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"Examine yourself appropriately in recovery: As the stronger person that you are becoming not the fearful person you use to be." - W


"Broken never feels good. If things are rough and sobriety sucks then your on target for a healthy recovery." - L


"There are only two places where you are completely powerless: One is yesterday and the other is tomorrow." - J


"Do clowns lie or do they know something we don't? I'll ask the same question of addicts." - An Old Drunk

Feel The Good

"I didn't like feeling the bad stuff and now I'm afraid to feel the good. I got to let myself start feeling better and not be so cautious. " - T

On Finishing

As I come to a new place in my life,
I know that the theme
Is beginning again
Starting over.

The older I get,
The longer I live,
I yearn for ways to finish things
I've already started!

There are doors
I've knocked on
For a long time,
And walls I'd like to get over.

My desire for starting over
Is really a cover-up,
A smoke-screen,
For difficult decisions
I don't want to make or face.

I need hope.
A reminder
That God will never place me
In a room where all the doors
Are permanently locked
Or where all the walls
Are insurmountable.

As I journey into this new beginning,
I need breakthroughs!
I need innovation!

I don't need cynics and critics.
I need people in my life
Who are door-openers
And wall-leapers.

And so,
I begin again,
And I sigh...
Because I now know that
I cannot expect
The strength or resources
I pray to have,
Until I first step into the water.

- William A Gift To Self

What I Wouldn't Have Seen

My Country High

Deceiving Behavior

"Behavior of kids in an alcoholic home can be deceiving as they may often protect the "weaker" parent. So, the parent that the kid is most outwardly angry at is the parent that is probably not drinking." - Dr. T.


"If he has to want to get better, to get better, then where does that leave me?" - A Wife