On Finishing

As I come to a new place in my life,
I know that the theme
Is beginning again
Starting over.

The older I get,
The longer I live,
I yearn for ways to finish things
I've already started!

There are doors
I've knocked on
For a long time,
And walls I'd like to get over.

My desire for starting over
Is really a cover-up,
A smoke-screen,
For difficult decisions
I don't want to make or face.

I need hope.
A reminder
That God will never place me
In a room where all the doors
Are permanently locked
Or where all the walls
Are insurmountable.

As I journey into this new beginning,
I need breakthroughs!
I need innovation!

I don't need cynics and critics.
I need people in my life
Who are door-openers
And wall-leapers.

And so,
I begin again,
And I sigh...
Because I now know that
I cannot expect
The strength or resources
I pray to have,
Until I first step into the water.

- William A Gift To Self