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"Drugs bring me chaos. I seek chaos because it is where I can feel my feelings and not just think them." - P

Don't Do Nothing

"Don't do nothing. Even if motivation to stop drinking is not present. Don't do nothing. Hang out with a friend, exercise, get counseling, go to a meeting, lose weight, clean, read, educate yourself, find a church.... Give yourself every chance to succeed when the time comes by putting positive things in your life. And feeling sorry for yourself is not doing something." - S


"Don't feel guilty about it, change it. Apologizing, admitting faults and complete honesty are empty gestures until real change occurs." - J


"Relapse showed me other people's character. It was a way I learned to forgive myself by seeing others forgive me." - C

Beneath The Apple Tree

"After one sad yesterday, I found myself sitting beneath an apple tree. It was a moment to myself and my thoughts took over ... I was in charge of a hundred men. If I said sit, they sat, if I said fight, they fought. Men would die for the cause I said was right.... But as I sat beneath the apple tree I realized I couldn't make that apple fall. No matter how much I willed it, no matter how right or deserving I thought I was, that apple would not drop. I looked around on the ground and there was one rotting. I was frustrated when I realized I couldn't even put that apple back." - Sarge

Who I Was

"Yes, drinking helped me forget who I was. But, who I was, was not as bad as who drinking convinced me that I should be." - C