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"...My students become less curious when they start smoking pot. I’ve seen it time and time again. People say pot makes you more creative, but from what I’ve seen, it narrows my students' minds until they only reference the world in relation to the drug..... I hate when people say that it’s just experimenting. Because from what I’ve seen, it’s when my students stop experimenting.” Humans Of New York

Primal Part

"What an addict must see or do to keep the addiction going can shut down emotions. It can wake up a primal part of the brain that is hard to turn off." - P


"Us addicts like to share our wisdom, but this sharing may not be on solid ground. Only an aching heart still cries out to be heard." - R


"Why did I end up here? I've just come to realize my talents do not exceed my transgressions and that freedom of expression does not mean freedom from consequences." - D