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How We Came To This

Unequipped to deal with it all,
When we met I was bound to fall,
Monkey see, Monkey do,
My parents taught me to fall for u,

Young, naive and carefree,
My whole life ahead of me,
Did I ever have a chance,
Against your captivating trance,

Promises of forgotten pain,
And to never be alone again,
Your lies were too tempting,
Without skills of reasoning,

How could I know better,
With parents who never,
Their reasoning in defense,
Beat my common sense,


Blog: A Recovering Addicts Experience

Doing Talks

"There's a tendency for people to think they are doing the right thing because they're saying the right thing. This is not true. Doing talks the truth more than saying." - K

Your Own Story

"When helping, being relevant shouldn't be about you. Don't get too involved in your own story or when someone else has an issue, all you will see is you." - C


"If you want to move someone to change, you don't chase them, you don't give them something to run from, you give them something to run to." - G