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Good Enough

"You being "good enough" has nothing to do with if you drink or not. You are already valued. Your own head is causing you doubt. Drink or don't drink, but don't let it determine what you already have and who you already are. You have already been through and accomplished a lot in your life and wether you have a beer or not today, it can't touch who you already have become." -D

What I Prayed

"Please God, don't let me drink, was never my prayer. But rather, help me be a good man, husband & father. I knew if I was these things, I wouldn't drink but if I wasn't, it didn't matter what I prayed." - P

When I Pray

"I believe that when I pray, God shushes all of the angels from talking. He still can't quite believe he'd ever hear from ME." - @TwelveDrawings

My Prayer

"For those who went before me, I now know that recovery is more than being sober. My prayer is this: that my recovery is enough to earn the days you didn't get." - J


"Your wife is not the trigger, the emotions she strikes up in you are. Your problem is not with her but with managing your emotions." - H

Mental Compromises

"Being an addict is not easy. Piss in a cup and convince yourself to drink it everyday and you'll know the mental compromises it takes to be an addict." - Sarge

Trusting Myself

"After two years in recovery, this is the first time someone told me I could start trusting myself? Recovery "group think" can perpetuate dependence." - B.