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Keep Dreaming

"You will never know what is possible without dreaming. All reality was once a dream. You have to expect things from yourself before you can do them. Keep dreaming." - M

Didn't Work

"Didn't work doesn't mean not impactful. Did you ever hear someone tell you that you only got that jar opened because they loosened it?" - An Old Drunk


"Sometimes people ask me if I regret spending all that money on my son's rehabs that didn't work. I just look at them baffled and wonder where their priorities are." - C


"Dangerous is labeling someone an alcoholic without knowing anything about their life aside from the fact that they drink to excess." - B


"Doing it for me was difficult as I've never been the most important thing to me. I had to go out of my way to focus on me. It has always been easier for me to get lost in you." - A

New You

"Give people time to catch up to the new you. If you have changed and people bring up the old you it may be because they're still the old them." - G


"I couldn't answer for you, I did not want to take that power away from you. You had to figure this out on your own. For me to tell you what to do would of sabotaged the confidence you needed to find on your own." - P

Life Doesn't Wait