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Be Here Now

"To heal, I was made to talk of my past. This made it hard for me to ever really live in the present. I have been made a victim, not from the drugs I did or the choices I made but from those who would not let me let it go. I don't want to tell you my story anymore. I just want to be here now." - S

Blank Canvas

"The sky is beautiful this evening. As it is every day. Just as the sky is in a constant state of change so is our journey through our lives. Just look around and see the beauty, and let the negative pass. Just like clouds. It is going to be a good day. Each day is a blank canvas, so let the picture you paint be a beautiful one." - B

Help Someone

"I've battled addiction since the age of 13. I've written this song to help myself during recovery and perhaps others might identify with it and maybe it will "Help Someone" else. Use it or share it however you wish, if you feel it's appropriate. God bless." - J

Help Someone


"Sadness is the final defender of happiness. It allows you to realize what you might lose before you lose." - B


"If you're standing with your back to a swimming pool, and you feel yourself get splashed from behind, you are likely to feel a sudden irritation. As you turn around in anger, you suddenly discover that the person who splashed you is actually drowning and their flailing is what caused the splash.... Resentments would not see past the splash." - B


"On bad days I like to remember that so far in my life I am 100% at getting through bad days. I also remind myself I have turned every tomorrow that I have feared into a yesterday." - M

Heal My Own Way

"Everyone thought they had my answer. But the counseling, AA meetings and good deeds did nothing but rip the scab off of a very raw wound, and each time "I kept coming back", it became more difficult to close the wound. I decided I had to heal my own way." - R

All Your Good

"Life is way too short, those who are dying know this...don't leave any intentions on the table...use all of your good while you are here." - D

How Many Times

"How many times has society seen addiction in the wealthy as a tragedy and addiction in the poor as a crime? How many times have the wealthy been admired for their admission and the poor jailed for theirs?" - C

The Knowing

"It's not the failing that hurts, often we are just outmatched. It's the knowing you should of stayed one more moment that will burn in your heart forever." - S