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Earn Your Respect

"Never rest on what you did yesterday. Yesterday doesn't count today. You keep moving forward, always. You earn your respect every day, and you’re only as good as this day." - Sarge

Drugs Work

"...And so drugs are popular, because drugs work. They allow people in pain, whom society has rejected, a way to integrate into a community that does work for them. How much someone uses drugs is often a measure of how much pain they have suffered, how isolated they are." - Chris Arnade

Your Head

"Get out of your head. The place inside you where your thinking keeps you stuck. It is where your negative thinking cycle keeps you afraid and immobile. It is the place where you create imaginary worlds and these worlds carry imaginary rules on how you should live and handle life. Your head is where you justify your drinking or drugging. Your head is where you can deceive yourself into thinking you are functioning well, when those around you scream for a change. It is where you manipulate reality to convince yourself that your choices are not your own." - T

Grab A Sword

I yelled at God. How could He allow so much pain and suffering in the world?
God replied, "Did you grab a sword?"


"The back of the room doesn't have your answers. But then again, neither does the front. The room holds no power unless the people do." - F


Emotional Deficit

"To keep myself sharp, I like to put myself into an emotional deficit. I remember all the bad shit I've done, feel the hurt, and then work my way back from there." - H

Memories That Could Be


"You would think the sun could give away the moon's secrets but its light is too bright to see the dark spots." - An Old Drunk


"Understanding your emotional vulnerabilities, can help you understand your emotional reactions, thereby increasing your resilience." - B


"I tell the newcomer not to be surprised if they can't trust their feelings and they find that they were more honest when they were drunk." - An Old Drunk