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"Everyone must decide how they will eventually shake the hand of their demon. My decision came when I said yes to love." - S


"Guilt can be a good thing.... a soul's call to action... that your work is still not finished." - D

An Excuse

"Everything bad that happens to you is not because you are an addict. Don't use your disease as an excuse." - J

A Disease

"If addiction is a disease it would make no sense to wait until people "hit bottom" to help them. Would you wait for a depressed person to attempt suicide before stepping in? Does a diabetes or cancer patient have to get sicker before they can receive any help?" - M


"In recovery, learn about something every day that you don't want to as someone may need it from you some day." - W

The Pain

"My heart was crushed but I hid it. I wasn't trying to be a martyr, I just knew you needed the pain more than I did." - J

Proof For Faith

"When someone tells me they don't have faith I ask them if they have ever planned a vacation. I tell them that if they use the word 'tomorrow' they have already told me they have faith today. The proof for faith is using the word 'tomorrow'. - An Old Drunk

Quality Treatment

"Quality treatment must encourage growth within each individual it encounters. It must empower and enable people to NOT keep coming back." -Tim