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An Hour A Day

"I understand it takes time away from the family, but I go to meetings now, so eventually I won't have to. For an hour a day, I must leave you, to find you." - R


"The same society that helps us beat addiction also tells us if we leave them we will become sick, a criminal or dead. Addiction doesn't make us powerless, society does." - C

Help An Addict

"If you want to help an addict don't talk to him at night while looking at the stars, wait until he feels like shit in the morning." - Dr. T


"Thank God they labeled me an alcoholic or I would have no reason to explain why I'm an ass." - Country

Art To Ashes

"I stood there looking at the urn. My art to ashes. I burnt them all, afraid I would paint the same pain or nothing at all. Sobriety became the brush that helped me put new life on the canvas." - An Artist

Lead It

"If you got a horse stuck in the mud, hitting it won't get it out. You got to lead it where you want it to go." - Country