What's Wrong

"It's not that something is wrong with me it is just I am not doing the right thing." - R



"Demons only play where love wants to stay." - B


Good Direction

"Sobriety doesn't make me smarter. Not at all. But I'm sober at the beginning, middle, and end of a decision. That's a good direction." - @TwelveDrawings



"If addiction is viewed as a behavior despite consequences how will consequences ever change us?" - S



"Am I free from addiction? Well, I can be free from debt one day and slave to it the next." - @TwelveDrawings



"Denial means your not saying it in the way I need to hear it." - S



"It was simple for me, I chose drunk over dead." - E


Cover Up Makeup

"Alcohol or drugs are like cover up makeup." - J



"After I had been drinking for a few years the wanting took over the liking." - P


Relapse Prevention

"People coming to us for help should be treated as more than just the results of a urine screen. That the best relapse prevention is living a rewarding life that is consistent with your personal values rather than a worksheet and a list of triggers." - K


Became Easy

"Recovery became easy when I began to align my behavior with who I really was." - P


What you need

"What you need for a successful recovery is motivation and a belief that it is possible." - D



"Recovery is the ability to be tremendously vulnerable, walk the path of "shame" through recovery work and believe something better may happen. And then laugh about it all." - W


Upside Down

"Recovery turns everything upside down. You are asked to walk on your head." - W



"If you go in seeking recovery, you will get advice. If you go in seeking advice, you will get recovery." - M



"Too afraid to live, but fearful of the unknown - the great beyond I numbed myself into behaviors that could lead me into the perceived abyss.

I almost succeeded. I lay in a coma for a week. On this side, it was a son with tubes coming out of every orifice, a mother crying by his hospital bed clinging to any movement or sign of life. Said the nurses, "Ma’am, he's not coming back Let him go." - Crossroads



"All of life can't be learned, some must be imagined. The same could be said for recovery." - T



"It's like my head is reacting to the old fear, searching for new things to be afraid of, like loneliness or abandonment or rejection. All the meanwhile, my heart is screaming in pain to stop, don't do this, people honestly care about you now! I battle myself almost constantly. On good days my heart wins, on bad days my head wins. It makes me feel exhausted." - P


See Glimpses

"You know what I miss? I miss not caring. Days are hard and long and so tiring and overwhelming and sometimes I struggle with every second of every minute of every hour of every moment to just stay calm and collected. I see glimpses of things that show me the light in the world and the future I can have in time. One step at a time. One breathe at a time. Whatever it takes to make it through another day." - P



"Turning pain into pleasure, that is how I survived the abuse. I hid myself in the darkness which has always been a better companion than the light." - P


Right Moves

"Life is full of experiences that become memories and nothing is the right move in your life unless you make it the right move." - K


Recovery's Heart

"...And when you stumble or fall don't get right back up. Stay there for a moment and see what you can see. Shake the hand of your demons and put a smile on your face. For it is only in those moments of darkness, when there is desperation and pain, when your defenses are defenseless, that you find what you have been hiding and who you can be. And if the urges come back to intoxicate yourself, don't be afraid. For in that struggle, that hurt, that pain, in that choice of wether to use or stay, there, is where you will find recovery's heart." - Recovery's Heart


Go Easy

"To learn you have to make mistakes and stumbling is a part of life. Go easy on yourself." - S


Own Healing

"If you quit for any reason other than your own healing than you are going to fail." - C



"Honesty is an action. Let people see it not just hear it." - G


A Powerful Statement

"To continue to choose the road of self destruction over treatment is a very powerful statement. To ignore this fact or simply throw it in the category of "it's a disease" or "they have not hit bottom yet" would be to miss the person you are trying to help." - T


Emotional Demons

"Alcohol didn't sabotage my recovery, my emotional demons did." - L


Head & Heart

"A desperate and confused head will lead to sobriety easier than a sad heart." - An Old Drunk


An Addict

"Just like athletic genes don't make an athlete, intelligence genes don't make a scholar and a genetic disability doesn't inhibit some from achieving, similarity a predisposition to abuse alcohol or drugs doesn't make an addict." - T



"Treatment must understand that there is a predisposition in some to abuse alcohol or drugs but also understanding that this alone does not make an addict." - T


Coping With Trauma

"Distancing yourself from unwanted emotions isn't always a bad thing. When it came to coping with my own trauma, drinking was like putting a cast on a broken bone; a way to protect myself while I healed." - R