"Piss in a cup and drink it everyday and you will know the mental compromises it takes to be an addict." - Sarge

This is dedicated to those who have touched the fires of life... To those who fall but stand back up. To those who get weak but find new strength. To those who break but rebuild themselves. To those who lose hope but believe again. This is for those who chance upon the recovery road. There is a life that awaits you. Your story matters. Write it...


See Glimpses

"You know what I miss? I miss not caring. Days are hard and long and so tiring and overwhelming and sometimes I struggle with every second of every minute of every hour of every moment to just stay calm and collected. I see glimpses of things that show me the light in the world and the future I can have in time. One step at a time. One breathe at a time. Whatever it takes to make it through another day." - P